Founded by Yoshiko Yamamoto and Bruce, The Arts & Crafts Press is a small letterpress printing studio
specializing in designing and printing letterpress note cards and limited edition block prints.  Most of the
designs are original creations by Yoshiko who grew up in Tokyo and studied sculpture at Tama Arts
University in Tokyo.  

After moving to California, Yoshiko taught herself (with the help of wonderful mentors) the craft of
letterpress printing.  Influenced strongly by the ideas and ideals of the woodblock printing in Japan,
Yoshiko first sketches flora and fauna she finds either in America or Japan--anything from fir trees, pines,
maples, and poppies, to heron, koi fish, and crickets--and then after multiple drawings, water colors and oil
paintings, she begins cutting the blocks.  Sometimes she works with wood blocks, usually cherry, and
other times she chooses linoleum.  

Yoshiko takes the blocks and prints each color separately on her antique letterpress printing presses.  Now
residing in a small coastal town in Washington, Yoshiko and Bruce enjoy working with apprentices and
printers-in-training, to create the beautiful and useful note cards and prints for today.
All cards are 5" x 7" and come with a
matching envelope.  Each card is made
with acid-free and recycled paper and
soy-based ink. Cards are blank inside.
Cards are $3.50 each
"Japanese Lantern"
"Pinecone" - two left in stock
"Oak Leaf"
"Fir Branch"
"Fuchsia" - 1 left in stock
"Grape Harvest"
"California Redwood"
"Set of 12 Cards"
"Cypress Cove"
"Eucalyptus Hill"
"Set of 14 Cards"
"Wild Grapes"